The Workshop

Welsh Dresser Build

This is the top part of my Welsh dresser sitting in my kitchen, miniaturised!

Top proving to be a sky rocketing fiddle! The back not one straight piece of wood, but a series of slats interspaced with round dowels…this needed to be secured today with a shelf or two. Sounds simple, but it wasn’t! I knew this was going to be my most demanding build to date, and yet to be proved wrong

At long last this dresser is finished! An attack of arthritis in my right hand, (I am right handed) had delayed progress. Each time I make a drawer or door, the wood swells when any sort of liquid finished is applied, particularly with the very porous pine. Repeated sanding tends to be rather uncomfortable. With the pine, sanding was required with every application – staining, filling and French polish. In future I am going to stick with the hard woods!

Finished davenport desk behind building a second in walnut, rather than mahogany.